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Incentive Spectrum™ is the go-to source for customized, up-to-date information on incentives available for renewable-energy technologies and energy-efficient products. Maintained by energy incentive experts, the database provides data on rebates, tax incentives, loans and other incentives throughout the United States. Manufacturers, trade associations, energy service providers, software developers and other energy stakeholders can customize and leverage the power of the database to:

  • Educate customers about incentives available for your products.
  • Access location-specific incentive information with search-by-zip-code functionality.
  • Integrate incentive data into energy decision software, maps, and other online tools.
  • Guide sales and marketing strategies.
  • Keep pace with incentive changes and new programs that may impact your company.
  • Better understand markets for a wide variety of clean-energy technologies.
Key Features

5featureGovernment and utility incentives for renewables & efficiency


Searchable by state, zip code, technology, target sector and more


Customizable based on your products and target markets

Quantitative incentive details


Customer and equipment eligibility requirements


Links to applications, key documents and websites


Program contacts for further information


Consumer-friendly program descriptions


Regular reviews to ensure incentive information is up to date


Accessible in a variety of formats



Access to the Incentive Spectrum database is available in two ways:  (1) a customized search tool that can be easily embedded into your company’s web site, or (2) an incentive API for maximum flexibility to incorporate incentive data into your own web applications. Automatic alerts may be added to either of these services to provide customized notifications about incentive changes and new programs.

Incentive Search Widget

Educate your sales teams and website visitors about incentives available for your products using an incentive search widget. The widget is a pre-formatted, customized tool that you can easily embed into your company’s website or simply use the tool as an internal business resource. Search results are updated in real-time with changes and additions to the database.

Customize the tool by selecting the energy efficient products or clean energy technologies, incentive types, target sectors and other criteria to include. Then, choose the drop-down search menus to feature in your search widget.

Incentive API

The incentive API gives you maximum flexibility to integrate incentive data into a variety of web applications such as maps, product-specific search tools, and online calculators. Choose this option if you want to customize the type of incentive data you receive and control the look and feel of how content is displayed.

Complete API documentation and a test site are available for you to evaluate the API for your web application.

Incentive Update Alerts

Keep pace with ever-changing incentives that matter to your company with automatic notifications. Choose which incentive types, technologies, target sectors and other criteria you want to track. Every time an incentive matching your criteria is added to, removed from or significantly modified in the Incentive Spectrum database, you’ll receive an alert via RSS feed.

Each update alert contains the incentive program’s name and administrator, state, technology, and a brief summary of changes to incentive amounts or other program features, such as funding availability or eligibility requirements.



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Incentive Spectrum™

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