AZ: More solar, DG contractor requirements looming?


A bill that would expand Arizona’s disclosure requirements for DG contractors and 3rd-party system owners is moving forward. The bill (S.B. 1417), which builds on disclosure requirements established in the state’s 2015 legislative session, would add new language that:

  • Eliminates the existing 1-kW minimum system size in the definition of a DG system.
  • Requires solar PV panels to be warranted for the life of a lease or financing agreement, and other system components to be warranted for 10 years.
  • Requires the installer or contractor to be present when a system is energized.
  • Opens sale, financing and lease agreements to inspection by the registrar of contractors.
  • Requires customer savings estimates to be provided for the entire life of an installation, financing or lease agreement.
  • Provides that lease payments cannot begin until the system is energized.

Contractors that do not comply with the requirements would be subject to suspension or revocation of their licenses. The bill also appears to eliminate the two-year period during which contractor complaints may normally be filed for DG contractors, allowing complaints to be filed and citations to be issued indefinitely.