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April 2023
Residential Fixed Charges – Comparisons of California IOU Proposals

EQ Research reacts to the three major California IOU fixed charges proposals (R.22-07-005). Residential Fixed Charges – Comparisons of California IOU Proposals

November 2022
California’s Proposed Decision in NEM 3.0 Proceeding

EQ Research reacts to the CPUC’s Proposed Decision in California’s NEM 3.0 proceeding (R.20-08-020). EQ Research Reaction to CPUC Proposed Decision (November 16, 2022)

December 2021
Memo on California’s Proposed Decision in NEM 3.0 Proceeding

EQ Research’s memo describing how the Proposed Decision in California’s NEM 3.0 proceeding (R.20-08-020) compares to current policy and recent Net Energy Metering decisions in other states. read more »

May 2020
Pollinator-Friendly Solar in Indiana

This EQ Research Report, completed in consultation with the Center for Pollinators in Energy at Fresh Energy, highlights the benefits to Indiana of adopting pollinator-friendly practices at solar sites, describes examples of policies encouraging these practices adopted by other Midwestern states and local governments, and provides recommendations and and model provisions for consideration by Indiana policymakers. read more »

April 2017
New Uses for an Old Tool: Using Cost of Service Studies to Design Rates in Today’s Electric Utility Service World

This study examines the use of electric utility class cost of the service studies (CCOSS) in utility rate cases and rate design and explains why a CCOSS is an incomplete tool to make decisions about how customers pay for electric service. read more »

January 2017
Standards and Requirements for Solar Equipment, Installation, and Licensing and Certification: A Guide for States and Municipalities

A new guide co-authored by EQ Research provides policymakers with an overview of relevant codes, standards, and requirements affecting solar PV equipment, installation, and installer licensing and certification. read more »

January 2017
Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index: State Leadership & Rankings

EQ Research contributed data to the Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index released by RILA, ITI, and Clean Edge. The new analysis ranks all 50 U.S. states on the ease with which America’s most recognizable brands can procure domestic renewable energy such as solar or wind for their operations. read more »

October 2016
Envisioning Pennsylvania’s Energy Future

EQ Research co-authored a report with Synapse Energy Economics for the Delaware Riverkeeper Network entitled Envisioning Pennsylvania’s Energy Future: Powering the Commonwealth’s Energy Needs with 100 Percent Renewables by 2050. read more »

October 2016
Comparing Utility Interconnection Timelines for Small-Scale Solar PV, 2nd Edition

Even as distributed PV systems become increasingly common, utilities’ interconnection processes are often lengthy and problematic. The 2nd edition of this report compares utilities’ interconnection timelines for both pre-construction application approval and post-construction permission to operate (PTO). read more »

September 2016
A Chronic Problem: Taming Energy Costs and Impacts from Marijuana Cultivation

Cultivation of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes is a growing source of energy consumption and carbon emissions, but several barriers prevent the industry from investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy. This white paper offers a series of recommendations to utilities, the public utility commissions that regulate them, state and local governments, and marijuana business associations to promote greener, more efficient energy use. read more »



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