AZ: New requirements imposed on solar installers


Arizona has enacted legislation expanding the state’s disclosure requirements for solar contractors and 3rd-party system owners. Among other things, SB 1417:

  • Eliminates the 1-kW minimum system size within the definition of a DG system.
  • Retains existing language regarding system and installation warranties but provides that a production guarantee also meets this requirement.
  • Requires the warranty length to be disclosed to, and acknowledged by, the customer if the length of the warranty for any component is less than the duration of a sale, lease or financing agreement.
  • Requires customer savings estimates to be provided for the entire life of an installation, financing or lease agreement, and that documents or sales presentations that cover potential savings have a substantiated methodology and include historical utility rates for an historic period equal in length to the life of the agreement.
  • Provides that lease payments cannot begin until the system is energized.
  • Generally requires interconnection applications to be submitted and approved prior to system installation.
  • Allows a system to be installed if the utility fails to approve or deny the application within 60 days of the filing date.

Contractors that do not comply with the requirements are subject to license suspension or revocation.