CA: Additional net metering available in SDG&E territory


California’s three large investor-owned utilities have filed annual net metering reports. The reports contain updates on the actual aggregate net metering cap for each utility, based on four-year averages of the utility’s aggregate customer peak demand. Both PG&E’s and SCE’s aggregate customer demand have fallen below historic levels used in devising the capacity caps specified in A.B. 327 of 2013 (2,409 MW for PG&E and 2,240 MW for SCE). However, A.B. 327 provides that the caps may never fall below those stated numbers, so the caps for PG&E and SCE will not change. On the other hand, SDG&E’s load has increased relative to the last historic calculation period, which has the effect of increasing the SDG&E’s aggregate cap by 10 MW (compared to the 607-MW cap specified in A.B. 327) to 617 MW, based on a calculation of 5% of aggregate customer peak demand.

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