CA: CPUC eyes consumer protection in NEM-successor tariff


The California Public Utilities Commission is seeking comments on consumer-protection issues related to the implementation of the state’s net-metering-successor tariff. The CPUC has posed questions addressing the following general topics:

  • The most significant consumer-protection issues that exist, why they are important, and the applicable existing regulations addressing the issue.
  • Issues identified that could be effectively addressed in an information packet for prospective net-metering customers.
  • The creation of an information packet, including its development and distribution, and how different issues could be presented in the packet.
  • Additional requirements suitable for addressing issues outside of an information packet, existing organizational practices supporting consumer protection, and the appropriateness of designating an independent consumer advocate as a primary resource for questions and complaints.
  • Ongoing measurement, verification, marketing and outreach, including possible reporting activities and studies, and whether and how additional outreach should be performed and funded.