CA: PG&E, SDG&E seek to avoid 2015 RPS procurements


Utilities and suppliers submitted their 2015 RPS procurement plans to the Public Utilities Commission on August 4. Notably, neither SDG&E nor PG&E intend to conduct a 2015 RPS procurement, as both project that existing and contracted resources are sufficient to meet near-term and mid-term needs. While the heavy redacting and alternative scenario modeling make comparisons difficult, for its part, SDG&E estimates that it will exceed the 2020 RPS target (33%) by a wide margin (42%), while PG&E projects a level of 30.3% for the 2014-16 compliance period (compared to a 23.3% target). SCE projects that it will require additional renewables to meet the 2017-20 target, and it intends to conduct a 2015 solicitation for energy deliveries beginning in 2018 but before December 2020. The 2015 solicitation likely will include long-term RPS Category 2 and Category 3 RECs, in addition to fully bundled Category 1 REC products.