CA: Regulators launch EV rulemaking


The California Energy Commission has initiated a rulemaking to address municipal electric vehicle infrastructure in response to S.B. 350, which requires the Commission to produce guidelines for and to review integrated resource plans from publicly-owned electric utilities. S.B. 350 also requires POUs to include procurement for transportation electrification, among other new requirements, in integrated resource planning by January 1, 2019. Specifically, this docket will address the electric transportation elements of IRPs required of California’s POUs.

S.B. 350 applies to 16 POUs with an annual electrical demand exceeding 700 GWh based on a three-year average. The CEC has scheduled a workshop to discuss and seek comments from interested parties regarding the inclusion of transportation electrification in integrated resource planning of California’s POUs, as required by S.B. 350. The workshop will be held October 5. During the workshop, the CEC will hear comments from several POUs regarding:

  • Incorporating electric transportation in upcoming integrated resource planning
  • Capabilities and challenges to address transportation electrification in POU service areas.
  • Deployment of funds for electric charging infrastructure, education programs and other related activities.