CT: CL&P’s residential fixed charge spikes to $19.25/month


Connecticut’s Public Utilities Regulatory Authority has issued a final ruling in CL&P’s contentious rate case (Docket No. 14-05-06), trimming the utility’s overall proposed rate increase from $232 million to $130 million, but allowing CL&P to raise its fixed monthly charge for residential customers from $16 to $19.25. (CL&P initially proposed raising its residential fixed charge to $25.50.) CL&P’s fixed monthly charge for residential service is now the highest in New England, according to a statement issued by U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who deemed PURA’s final ruling “disappointing and unconscionable.”

Connecticut lawmakers are reportedly considering legislation that would reduce and cap monthly fixed charges for electric service, including a draft bill that would limit the fixed monthly charge to $10, adjusted for inflation.