CT: Consumers warned of unethical solar sales tactics


Connecticut officials are urging consumers to use caution when considering whether to purchase or lease solar PV systems. Consumers considering PV systems should “be aware that competition among solar contractors is intense, and in other states this has led some companies to engage in unethical behavior to sell more systems,” according to a joint release issued by the state Attorney General’s office, the Department of Consumer Protection and Connecticut Green Bank.

Specifically, the officials advised consumers considering PV systems:

  • To obtain multiple itemized quotes;
  • To beware of high-pressure sales tactics;
  • To expect realistic savings;
  • Not to expect a monthly check from their utility;
  • To understand the rules for tax incentives and other incentive programs;
  • To understand the differences between leased and purchased PV systems; and
  • To review their homeowners’ insurance policy.