CT: RFPs for large renewables, energy storage on horizon?


A new Connecticut law (S.B. 1078) authorizes the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to solicit proposals for long-term contracts (up to 20 years) to reduce electric demand and to “improve resiliency and grid reliability in the state.” Eligible resources include, potentially:  (1) passive demand response measures that can reduce demand by at least 1 MW; (2) Class I and Class III resources from 2 MW to 20 MW; and (3) energy storage facilities that can store up to 20 MW.

In addition, S.B. 1078 allows the DEEP to solicit proposals for long-term energy and capacity contracts from Class I renewables greater than 20 MW, large-scale hydro (and any associated transmission), energy storage resources of 20 MW or more, and natural gas resources. The DEEP is authorized to collaborate with other states in the region on these activities.