DC: Grid modernization effort resurrected


The Public Service Commission has revived its long-dormant grid modernization proceeding, scheduling a workshop on April 28. The workshop will focus on “the legal and regulatory framework … necessary to facilitate and support a modern energy delivery system that includes” DERs. The PSC has solicited comments on the following questions:

  • What criteria should be used to approve DERs and how should public input be considered?
  • Are the current PSC regulations on construction and O&M appropriate for DERs and microgrids?
  • Are any regulations a barrier to DER development?
  • What constitutes the retail or wholesale “sale” of electricity produced by DG facilities?
  • What is the PSC’s role in demand response?
  • Should the PSC review statutory provisions or regulations from other jurisdictions?

This workshop arose from questions surrounding how solar, storage, EVs, microgrids, CHP and other innovations fit into DC’s regulatory structure. The overall objective is to consider technologies and policies that will modernize the energy delivery system to enhance sustainability. (Previous workshops focused on the scope of the proceeding, and on policy and legal barriers faced by DER developers.)