DC: Measure to expand RPS, solar carve-out progresses


A bill to increase and expand the District of Columbia’s RPS is moving forward. The Committee on Transportation and the Environment has issued a favorable report on B21-650 and recommended its approval by the Council of the District of Columbia. At a Legislative Council Meeting held June 7, B21-650 passed its first reading by a unanimous voice vote.

This bill amends the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Act of 2004 by:

  • Increasing the RPS to 50% by 2032 and the solar carve-out to 5% by 2032.
  • Allowing waste heat from a sewage system or wastewater treatment facility to qualify as a Tier I resource.
  • Authorizing the PSC to adjust the solar carve-out to the extent necessary to account for generation from solar systems less than 15 MW located in DC, or in an area served by a distribution feeder serving DC, for which RECs are not available for use by electricity suppliers.
  • Changing the ACP for the solar carve-out through 2032.
  • Expanding the list of eligible uses of the Renewable Energy Development Fund (where ACPs are deposited).

In addition, B21-650 amends the Clean and Affordable Energy Act of 2008 by raising the Sustainable Energy Trust Fund fee, and by establishing a “Solar for All” program for the purpose of increasing solar access to seniors, small local businesses, non-profits and low-income households.