Energy storage eligible for nifty new Wisconsin grants


On May 1, the PSC issued a final decision approving, with modification, the 2018 Energy Innovation Grant Program eligibility requirements and budget. Notably, the PSC clarified that energy storage projects and feasibility studies are eligible under the program. Furthermore, the PSC directed that scoring criteria elements be established that recognize the benefits of innovation and energy resiliency. Eligible activities under the grant include both planning as well as implementation, with eligible projects including energy efficiency, energy storage, and renewables projects such as biogas, biomass, geothermal, solar PV, solar thermal, wind and alternative fuels.

The PSC also determined that the following three classes will be areas of interest for the first grant round: manufacturers of all sizes; K-12 school districts; and municipal and tribal governments. With regard to funding, the PSCW accepted a 2018 budget of $5 million for 2018 grants and did not impose specific caps on the size of the projects or establish target allocations for specific types of applicants.

On May 2, the Office of Energy Innovation, within the PSCW, issued a RFP for the inaugural round of the Energy Innovation Grant Program. Applications to receive grants under the program are due June 29.