EQ + GTM: A round-up of state energy storage legislation


Under a partnership with GTM, EQ Research has compiled a mound of data related to state legislation addressing energy storage. This data, available via GTM Squared, provides an overview of the 92 bills relating to energy storage that were introduced in 28 U.S. states in 2015. The bills are categorized by what they aim (or aimed) to achieve with respect to energy storage. The majority of the 92 bills pertain to tax credits, energy planning, or RPS/EERS policies, while others pertain to grid modernization, property taxes, and other incentives or mandates. The outcomes of these bills are also provided. Notably, as many as four dozen bills could be carried over into 2016.

To access this data via GTM Squared, click here. (Use the promotional code EQR50 to receive a $50 discount on GTM Squared membership through January 31.)

Note:  EQ Research tracks, analyzes and provides summaries of clean energy legislation, including energy storage bills, in all 50 U.S. states. For more information, click here.