EQ + GTM: Rate case update, Q4 2016


Of the 11 electric utilities that filed new general rate cases in Q4 2016, all but one are seeking to raise their monthly fixed charge for residential customers — and eight are seeking to raise that charge by 50% or more.

EQ Research and GTM offer a handy summary of rate case activities that occurred during Q4 2016. The data provided includes:

  • An interactive U.S. map depicting all rate cases in progress.
  • For the 11 new rate cases initiated during Q4 2016, a table describing proposed increases to monthly charge for residential customers.
  • For the 17 rate cases decided during Q4 2016, a table describing the existing vs. proposed vs. approved monthly charge for residential customers.

To access this data via GTM Squared, click here.

Through the rate case process, dozens of utilities have proposed rate revisions that would erode the value of customer-sited DG, energy efficiency and energy conservation. These proposals include:

  • Raising the monthly charge for certain customer classes, while sometimes also reducing volumetric (i.e., kWh) charges.
  • Imposing a demand charge and/or other fees on DG customers, including solar PV customers.
  • Creating a separate customer class for DG customers.
  • Reducing the value of — or eliminating — net metering.

EQ Research offers a service that summarizes new rate case filings by electric utilities, as well as a database of all rate case filings by investor-owned utilities since July 1, 2014. For details, click