EQ: Introducing EQ’s Marketplace!


EQ Research’s Marketplace allows visitors to purchase single research products, including summary reports of general rate cases (GRC) and detailed state-level RPS data.

It’s easy. And it’s all in one place.

Don’t have time to sift through several thousand pages of dense, chewy utility testimony and data? EQ’s GRC Summary Reports do the dirty work for you.

Too busy to sniff around for new RPS policy developments that impact compliance obligations in state markets? Relax. It’s all taken care of.

EQ’s GRC Summary Reports detail the major rate-design proposals that could impact your business or customers in a utility’s service territory. Each report describes the proposed revisions to the utility’s existing rate structures and tariffs; proposed new tariffs and rate options; proposed fixed charge changes; proposed changes to demand charges; proposed revisions to net metering; and proposed charges or fees that could impact the value of customer-sited DERs (including solar and energy storage), as well as energy efficiency and energy conservation.

EQ’s RPS Navigator™ offers a comprehensive tool for staying on top of evolving state RPS policy developments that impact compliance obligations and investment decisions. RPS Navigator™ takes the form of a downloadable spreadsheet that includes state-specific qualitative details, state RPS policy summaries, annual compliance obligations by resource tier, alternative compliance payment levels, renewable resource definitions, and compliance multipliers.

Stay tuned for additional product offerings in EQ’s Marketplace.