FED: FERC to address energy-storage market participation


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will hold a technical conference on November 9 to address the participation of energy-storage systems in organized RTO/ISO wholesale markets. The conference will explore the circumstances under which it might be appropriate for energy-storage facilities (including transmission, distribution and behind-the-meter connected resources) to provide multiple wholesale services, the need for RTO/ISO tariff revisions to accommodate these business models, and how FERC can ensure that these resources receive just and reasonable compensation for the services they provide.

More specifically, the discussion will include issues related to:

  • Potential models for cost-recovery for energy-storage resources utilized as transmission assets, while also selling energy, capacity or ancillary services at wholesale.
  • Potential models to enable an energy-storage resource to provide a compensated grid support service rather than being compensated for providing transmission service.
  • Practical considerations for energy-storage resources providing multiple services simultaneously.