FL: Distributed solar market severely underperforms


Fresh data reveals that only 11,626 customer-owned DG systems are operating in Florida, which boasts a population of 20 million. The Public Service Commission recently published individual CY 2015 net metering reports for each of the state’s investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities and electric cooperatives. Each utility’s report indicates the number, type, and capacity of interconnected customer-owned DG systems; the total kWh received by customers from the utility; the total kWh delivered to the utility; and the total payment made to customers by the utility. The vast majority of all customer-owned systems operating in Florida are solar PV systems.

FPL, which serves 4.8 million customer accounts, only has 4,257 customer-owned solar and other DG facilities on its system, with a combined capacity of 43.9 MW.

Florida’s official state nickname is “The Sunshine State.”