GTM + EQ: Fresh from the trenches, new data on rate cases, fixed charges


Under a partnership with GTM, EQ Research is providing a mountain of updated visual data addressing general rate cases filed recently by U.S. electric utilities. These graphics and data, available via GTM Squared, include:

  • An interactive U.S. map of active GRCs.
  • Charts depicting existing vs. proposed vs. approved residential fixed charges in recently decided GRCs.
  • A chart depicting existing vs. proposed residential fixed charges in active GRCs.
  • To access this data via GTM Squared, click here. (Use the promotional code EQR50 to receive a $50 discount on GTM Squared membership through February 29.)

Through the GRC process, dozens of U.S. utilities have proposed changes that would negatively impact the economics of customer-sited DG, as well as energy efficiency and energy conservation. These proposals include:

Raising the monthly fixed charge for certain types of customers (often by more than 25%), while also reducing volumetric (i.e., kWh) charges.

  • Imposing a demand charge and/or other fees on DG customers, including solar PV customers.
  • Creating a separate customer class for DG customers.
  • Reducing the value of — or eliminating — net metering.

Note: EQ Research offers a service that tracks and summarizes GRC filings by electric utilities in the United States. For details, click here.