IA: In search of the “most appropriate” net-metering policy


In a broad proceeding addressing net metering, interconnection procedures and 3rd-party ownership, the Iowa Utilities Board has invited additional comments to help it determine which policy option for net metering is most appropriate for Iowa. Specifically, the IUB has invited feedback on these issues:

  • A proposed state policy goal to promote distributed generation;
  • Whether unused kWh credits that are diverted and used for a special cause would constitute a “sale;”
  • Whether any changes to current provisions addressing system cap and carry-over should be addressed via a rulemaking or through modified tariffs;
  • The pros/cons, financial impacts and grid impacts of allowing customers to net-meter 110% of their average annual electricity consumption, up to 1 MW or 2 MW;
  • How to address long-term net-metering options, including addressing the issue in future rate cases;
  • Options that could be implemented as pilot projects where significant changes (to net metering or rate design) can be explored on a limited basis; and
  • Preferences of several options presented in a recent IUB staff memo.

The comment deadline is June 15, 2015.