ID: PUC flushes net metering caps


The Idaho Public Utilities Commission has removed the caps on overall and individual net metering participation for RMP, while requiring RMP to submit annual net metering reports. RMP had requested that the PUC raise its net metering cap from 714 kW to 2 MW, stating that it anticipates approaching that cap by the time its next base rate adjustment takes effect. The PUC removed the cap entirely, as RMP has not reported any concerns about reliability. The PUC also removed RMP’s individual participation cap, which limits an individual customer’s participation in net metering to 20% of the total net-metered nameplate capacity.

RMP must file a comprehensive, annual net metering report, beginning the earlier of October 31, 2016, or when it files its next rate case. The report must discuss customer participation, total capacity and generation, contribution to system peaks, and impacts on non-net metering customers. As part of the report, RMP must assess factors contributing to net metering participation and any concerns it has regarding methods used to increase participation.