IN: NIPSCO seeks to inflate residential fixed charge by 82%


NIPSCO has filed its first rate case in Indiana in five years. It is seeking authorization to raise its fixed customer charges significantly, among other proposals. Specifically, with respect to its retail rates, NIPSCO has proposed:

  • For residential customers (Rate 711), raising the monthly customer charge from $11.00 to $20.00, while claiming that this charge could have risen to $84.00 under the cost-of-service study. The energy charge would rise from $0.098/kWh to $0.109/kWh, with a new monthly charge of $0.20 for low-income assistance programs as well. According to NIPSCO, a typical residential electric bill would rise by $10.53/month — from $91.63 to $102.16 — as a result of the proposal.
  • For small business customers (Rate 721), raising the monthly customer charge from $20.00 to $30.00, while raising the energy charge from $0.119/kWh to $0.133/kWh.

NIPSCO serves 416,000 electric customers in northern Indiana. It last rate case concluded in 2011.

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