KS: 3rd-party renewables sales under consideration


Kansas lawmakers are considering legislation (H.B. 2190) that would allow electric customers to purchase renewable energy from a third-party supplier. Customers (with a consumption need of ≥ 200 kW) would need to provide notice to the utility and Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC), demonstrating that they are choosing to purchase renewable energy to meet corporate objectives or respond to customer demand, and that the amount purchased does not exceed the customer’s expected consumption.

Upon receiving notice from a customer, the utility would have the right of first refusal to provide renewable energy to the customer at the supplier’s total service price to provide renewable energy and ancillary services. A single customer may receive electricity under a PPA at multiple, separately metered locations and may aggregate multiple, separately metered renewable energy suppliers.
The bill exempts renewable energy suppliers from regulation as public utilities and it amends the definition of “retail electric supplier” to exempt renewable energy suppliers from that definition.