KS: Yet another DG cost-benefit investigation brewing


Kansas could soon become the next state to investigate the costs and benefits of DG. The Kansas Corporation Commission recently distributed a staff report relevant to a general investigation into DG, in order to facilitate the coordination on the initial scope of issues pursuant to the Commission’s order in Westar Energy’s recent rate case. The eight-page report includes lists of the costs and benefits provided by DG, concluding that the costs “are more tangible than the benefits.”

Staff recommended opening a general investigation docket to determine the appropriate rate structure for DG customers by evaluating costs and benefits, and by examining other existing rate design possibilities, including, potentially, the creation of a demand charge for residential DG customers and/or a buy-all, sell-all rate. Staff further recommended that any specific tariff changes implemented as a result of the policy outcome of the investigation be made in separate, utility-specific docket filings.