MA: DOER seeking 120-MW set-aside for small PV systems


The Department of Energy Resources has now approved more than 567.7 MW of SREC II-eligible systems, a sum that exceeds 60% of the total Solar Carve-out II Program Capacity Cap. The program’s Assurance of Qualification Guideline includes a provision for creating a set-aside for small solar PV systems, to ensure that they are not negatively impacted as the Massachusetts solar market approaches the Solar Carve-Out II Program Capacity Cap. Accordingly, the DOER has proposed a Small Generation Unit Set-Aside (for systems up to 25 kW DC) of 120 MW.

The DOER has modified the Assurance of Qualification Guideline to reflect the new set-aside. It is accepting comments on this proposed change, and certain other proposed changes, until January 19.

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