MA: Task Force report reinforces concerns over net-metering cap


As certain Massachusetts utilities close in on their net-metering caps, the final report of the state’s Net Metering and Solar Task Force has been published, weighing in at over 500 pages. The report’s introduction maps out the Baker Administration’s view on the results, which include:

  • Achieving solar growth sustainably with reasonable ratepayer costs;
  • Reconciling solar growth with reasonable costs;
  • Protecting ratepayers from paying more than is necessary;
  • Acknowledging that cost projections for non-participating ratepayers are between $2.5 and $4 billion from 2014-2020;
  • Opposing raising net-metering caps in the short term, absent a long-term sustainable solution;
  • Ensuring that adjusting net metering caps are coupled with “meaningful changes” to the mix of incentives and proper consideration of the role of ratepayers; and
  • Balancing the promotion of clean energy and lowering ratepayer costs.

The Task Force’s recommendations include general principles, such as support for a policy to maintain solar growth to 1,600 MW and beyond, and a new policy framework. There was disagreement over whether existing net-metering facilities should be grandfathered under a new policy framework. The Task Force agrees that existing projects with statements/assurances of qualification should continue to receive SRECs under the current SREC policy, even under a new policy framework.