MD: One step away from greener DG interconnection pastures


A bill to improve Maryland’s interconnection policy has passed both houses of the state’s legislature. HB 440 would require that the interconnecting utility approve a customer’s solar PV system within 20 business days after completion of the installation process and receipt of the required documentation. In addition, each utility must meet these interconnection requirements for at least 90% of installation processes completed annually in its territory. The Public Service Commission would be authorized to waive these requirements on a showing of good cause.

Note: EQ Research published a report in July 2015 that compares utilities’ interconnection timelines, with a focus on post-construction “permission to operate.” The report, Comparing Utility Interconnection Timelines for Small-Scale Solar PV, found that electric utilities took considerably longer to grant permission to operate (PTO) new PV systems installed in 2014 than in 2013. The report synthesized survey data from PV installers operating in utility service territories in the U.S. states with the most residential PV systems. Overall, utilities took 68% longer to grant PTO in 2014 compared to 2013.