MD: PSC launches sweeping review of electricity sector


The Maryland PSC has launched a targeted review process “to ensure that electric distribution systems in Maryland are customer-sited, affordable, reliable, and environmentally sustainable.” As part of this effort, the PSC will explore:

  • Time-varying rates for traditional service, distributed energy resources and electric vehicles
  • Performance-based ratemaking
  • The benefits and costs of DERs, with a comprehensive analysis for potential use in future utility tariffs
  • Maximizing advanced-metering benefits for ratepayers
  • Implementing interconnection rules and policies to promote competitive, efficient and predictable DERs markets maximizing customer choices
  • Distribution system planning, to allow utilities to accommodate increased DER adoption, and allows for an evaluation of the appropriate level of utility investment in distribution assets.
  • Assessing impacts of the evolving distribution system on residents with limited incomes.

This effort arose from three previous PSC activities: (1) an October 2015 technical conference on barriers to DER deployment, (2) a July 2016 public conference on barriers to the deployment of EVs, and (3) the Exelon-Pepco merger proceeding, in which the PSC directed Pepco to initiate a proceeding to investigate opportunities to transform the electric distribution grid, including smart-grid technology, microgrids, renewables and DG.

A public meeting likely will be held in December 2016.