MD: New proposed community solar, net metering regs issued


Revised proposed regulations for community solar projects and aggregate net metering have been issued by the Public Service Commission. The initial draft regulations were issued November 2015. Notably, the revised proposed regulations for community solar projects:

  • Expand the definition of “low income” to include a subscriber who is certified as eligible for bill assistance from the Maryland Office of Home Energy Programs.
  • Convert the statewide capacity limit from a defined 300 MW to 2% of the 2015 Maryland peak demand.
  • Establish annual program caps equal to 0.5% of the 2015 Maryland peak demand for the first year, 0.7% for the second year, and 0.8% for the third year.
  • Establish three separate program categories, presumably to ensure a diversity of project types.
  • Allow a utility to stop accepting applications after it has accepted applications totaling 2% of its 2015 peak demand (in MW).
  • Provide additional guidance on the application process, including timelines for communications.
  • Requires that any projected savings presented to a potential subscriber must include a comparison that projects future electricity rates increasing at not more than 1% per year.

The revisions to the existing regulations for aggregate net metering clarify that only non-profits are eligible for aggregate net metering.