ME: Governor’s energy bill would upend renewables policies


Legislation has been introduced in Maine that would repeal net energy billing and the state’s RPS as of January 1, 2016. S.P. 521, the governor’s energy bill, also would alter the Maine Public Utilities Commission’s long-term contracting authority, specifying that it is the state’s policy with respect to long-term contracts to reduce electricity rates and costs for residential and business customers, and to reduce pollution. In addition, S.P. 521 directs the PUC to select a “distributed generation aggregator” to gather together individual owners of DG assets to maximize DG supply benefits and compensate owners of DG assets for the energy-supply benefits they provide ratepayers, including benefits related to energy capacity and RECs. The PUC would be required to commence a proceeding by December 31, 2015, to select a DG aggregator.