MO: Major utility files to raise residential fixed charge by 52%


A Missouri utility is seeking an increase of up to 52% in its monthly fixed charge for residential customers. KCP&L GMO, a subsidiary of Great Plains Energy Inc., recently filed its first rate case in four years, requesting a 8.17% rate increase and an ROE of 9.9%. If approved, the rate increase would raise a typical residential customer’s monthly bill by approximately $9.00.

KCP&L GMO is also seeking to combine the two jurisdictions in its service area — Missouri Public Service (MPS) and St. Joseph Light & Power (L&P) — into one. The new tariffs it has proposed would apply to both jurisdictions. In general, KCP&L GMO’s proposed consolidated residential rates retain a two-part structure (a customer charge and seasonally differentiated kWh charges). Its proposed commercial and industrial rate design retains a four-part structure (a customer charge, a facilities demand charge, a demand charge and kWh charges), with non-demand alternatives under the Small General Service rate.

Its proposed tariff for basic residential service (“Residential Service Electric”) includes a monthly customer charge of $14.50 and a three-tiered, seasonal kWh rate, which declines in the winter season. The current monthly customer charge is $9.54 for L&P customers and $10.43 for MPS customers. KCP&L GMO believes further adjustments of the fixed costs embedded in the residential variable energy charge are needed, but it did not reveal specific proposals in this case.