MO: PV rebates going, going …


KCP&L is seeking PSC authorization to suspend PV rebate payments. In a filing, KCP&L noted that a stipulation approved by the PSC in a separate docket allows KCP&L to suspend payment of PV rebates after payments reach an aggregate level of $36.5 million (i.e., a 1% average retail rate impact) incurred after August 31, 2012. The stipulation also provides that when KCP&L’s PV rebate payments are estimated to reach $36.5 million, KCP&L must file with the PSC an application under the 60-day process to cease payments beyond that amount.

As of January 18, KCP&L had received PV rebate applications totaling approximately $36.56 million. KCP&L estimated that it will reach the $36.5 million payment level “in the near future,” and it therefore has asked the PSC to approve its proposed revised tariffs that allow KCP&L to cease PV rebate payments.