MO: Utility-owned solar DG program inches toward approval


A non-unanimous stipulation and agreement has been filed in a proceeding addressing Ameren’s proposed utility-owned distributed solar PV program. It is supported by Ameren, Missouri Public Service Commission Staff, the Missouri Division of Energy, Renew Missouri and United for Missouri.

In April, Ameren filed for approval to construct, install, own, operate, maintain, and otherwise control and manage various small solar PV facilities at different locations in its service territory. In its application, Ameren acknowledged that it “has little experience with the installation and operation of smaller-scale, distributed generation and has no experience with generation sited on customer property,” adding that customers have expressed direct interest in partnering with Ameren to install solar PV facilities.

Under the terms of the non-unanimous stipulation and agreement, the parties agreed that the PSC should authorize Ameren to construct one or more facilities in Ameren’s service territory, with capital investment capped at $10 million and each facility capped at $2.20/W-DC.