Nevada set to take feedback on energy storage options


Legislation enacted in 2017 (SB 145) required the PUCN to establish a framework within the Solar Energy System Program to provide up to $5 million in incentives annually to utility customers who install energy storage systems (paired with PV). The PUCN has now set a public workshop for April 16 to solicit comments from interested parties on the proposed regulations and will hold a hearing on April 18.

A set of draft revised regulations provided by the Legislative Counsel Bureau would require energy storage systems to provide one or more of the following three benefits:

  1. Reduce the participant’s peak demand for electricity.
  2. Provide backup or emergency power to the grid.
  3. Any other benefits that support critical infrastructure needs.

SB 145 required the PUCN to authorize up to $1 million annually through 2023 for the installation of solar plus storage systems that benefit low-income customers.