New Hampshire bill to increase NEM size limit moves forward


On March 14, a bill that would increase New Hampshire’s net metering (NEM) system size limit passed through the Senate and into the House. SB 446 would increase the system size from 1 MW to 5 MW, or up to 25 MW if no more than 5 MW of the output is net-metered, and would set parameters for how systems between 1 – 5 MW will be net-metered. Additionally, current law specifies that, for NEM facilities with a total peak generating capacity of > 100 kW, the customer must pay all applicable charges on all kWh supplied by the grid, less a credit on default service charges for customer-generated energy fed back to the grid. This bill amends this provision to apply only to systems > 100 kW and ≤ 1 MW.

Current law also provides that a customer may elect to be paid or credited for excess generation at the avoided cost rate established by the PUC. The amended bill would provide that a customer with a total peak generating capacity of > 1 MW and ≤ 5 MW may elect to be paid or credited by the utility for its excess generation rates as determined by the PUC. The PUC would then be required to initiate a proceeding to determine an interim rate. Projects that receive the interim rate would be grandfathered for 12 years from the time at which the project becomes operational. The PUC would be required to determine a final rate within 3 years, based on the results of the alternative NEM tariff proceedings in a separate docket.