New York bill would facilitate renewables development on reclaimed land


New York lawmakers are considering a bill (A 11282) that would require the PSC to establish the “New York State Renewable Reclamation Projects Program,” which would stimulate the development of renewable energy on brownfield sites, dormant electric generation sites, or real property owned by a private developer or gas and electric corporation (G&E utility). A “Renewable Reclamation Project” must be a solar, wind, storage, or hydroelectric generating system. The PSC must consult with the Empire State Development Corporation and NYSERDA regarding funding and other available resources. The program must include the following elements:

  • G&E utilities or private developers would own or lease a brownfield site or a dormant electric generating site, or private developers or combination G&E utilities would own real property that is strategically located to allow for a more optimized, secure, and flexible renewable electric power system.
  • The G&E utilities or private developer would own the infrastructure required to integrated the electricity produced into the electric system. The infrastructure would be interconnected and operated in parallel with the utilities’ distribution facilities.
  • The G&E utilities would be required to issue an RFP for the renewable generation.

The G&E utilities or a private developer must provide the PSC with an overview of the costs, benefits, and risks of any project proposals including rate impacts, and a demonstration that the utility has entered into a labor agreement with a labor organization that meets certain requirements. The G&E utilities could, with PSC approval, participate in funding opportunities provided by NYSERDA, and private developers could participate in any state or federal funding opportunities.