National Governors Association plugs into energy storage


The National Governors Association (NGA) has published a new report that describes how states can advance the use of energy storage, and includes seven actions states and governors may take to encourage deployment.

These actions include:

  • Including energy storage in state energy planning efforts and electric utility resource planning.
  • Recognizing the multiple benefits of storage in state regulations.
  • Developing streamlined siting, approval and interconnection processes for energy storage.
  • Adopting state utility procurement targets for energy storage capacity.
  • Encouraging the incorporation of energy storage into energy-assurance efforts.
  • Creating financial incentive programs for energy storage.
  • Promoting R&D efforts for grid operations with energy storage.

In addition, the report suggests that governors and states should consider approving utility rate structures — including TOU rates — and higher compensation for DERs in order to increase the value of self-generation, which in turn would increase the value stored electricity that could be used when electricity prices are higher.