NM: Approval of PNM’s 2017 renewables plan recommended


A recommended decision has been issued in a proceeding addressing PNM’s proposed 2017 Renewable Energy Plan. Specifically, the hearing examiner has recommended:

  • Approving PNM’s 2017 Renewable Energy Plan, finding that the plan and its procurements satisfy the requirements under the Renewable Energy Act and the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission’s renewable energy rule. The decision finds that PNM’s Plan provides for renewables sufficient to meet the RPS and diversity requirements for 2017 and 2018.
  • Approving PNM’s request to extend the Customer Solar REC Purchase Program of 3 MW-AC for three more years at a price of $0.00250/REC.
  • Approving PNM’s request not to offer the Capacity Reservation Program (a REC-purchase program) in 2017, but potentially requiring PNM to offer the program in 2018.
  • Approving PNM’s request to set a not-to-exceed price of $3.00/MWh-REC for any additional RECs that PNM might need to purchase at the end of 2017 to satisfy the 2017 RPS requirement in the event that the RECs produced by PNM’s approved procurements fall short of the RPS.
  • Granting PNM’s request for a variance from the certain data filing requirements.