NM: Proposed “Clean Energy Standard” supports renewables, storage, EVs


A group of stakeholders that includes New Mexico’s attorney general has petitioned the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) to implement a new Clean Energy Standard rule. The proposed Clean Energy Standard, which is separate from the state’s renewable portfolio standard (RPS), is also supported by two advocacy organizations, Western Resources Advocates and Prosperity Works.

The proposed Clean Energy Standard rule would:

  • Implement a technology-neutral, market-based program that focuses on reducing carbon-dioxide emissions, and quantifying, documenting and certifying those reductions.
  • Require electric utilities to reduce by 4% annually (from 2012 levels), for 20 years, the carbon-dioxide emissions from generation resources used to serve their customers. The reductions would continue until 2040, with an 80% final reduction in utility power plant emissions.
  • Utilize a formula-based system that provides credits for electricity production based upon how much less than 1,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per gigawatt-hour (GWh) it emits. Credits do not expire and may be banked indefinitely for future use. Utilities receive additional credit for each EV registered in their service area.
  • Allow municipal electric utilities and electric cooperatives to opt into the program.
  • Establish an advisory committee of interested stakeholders to monitor the program and identify potential improvements.