NV: Legislature to consider changing net metering policy


The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada has approved the final version of a study (Docket 13-07010) analyzing the costs and benefits of the state’s net metering policy, and sent the report to the state’s legislature. Although the report ascribes a relatively small portion of the costs of net metering to non-participants (while forecasting benefits in some years), the PUCN has asked the legislature for the flexibility to make rate design modifications in response to evolving market conditions on behalf of net metering participants and non-participants. Specifically, the PUCN recommended modifying a section of Nevada’s net metering law that, among other things, prohibits the imposition of standby charges and other charges on NEM customers. The PUCN also recommended that residential net metering customers be exempted from another section of the law which prohibits utilities from switching such customers to mandatory time-of-use rates.