NV: RPS, REC regs revised


The Public Utilities Commission has adopted revised regulations for RPS and portfolio energy credits, in accordance with S.B. 252 of 2013. The revised regulations:

  • Establish an expedited review mechanism for approval of a utility provider’s application for the sale of PECs in certain circumstances;
  • Explicitly prohibit utilities and providers from using kWh retired as a result of voluntary green-power purchases by customers or using “excess” kWh/PECs sold under NV’s RPS statute for RPS compliance;
  • Modify provisions related to the carry-forward of excess kWh;
  • Provide a safe-harbor provision for the purpose of assessing an administrative fine for a provider’s failure to meet the RPS;
  • Require providers to submit additional information in their annual RPS reports; and
  • Revise provisions governing PEC certification by the PUC-appointed administrator.