NY: New method of crediting remote net metering approved


New York’s Public Service Commission has adopted a plan for transitioning remote net metering from monetary crediting to volumetric crediting. The plan contains several changes to the initial plan proposed by Staff. The adopted plan retains monetary crediting for 20 years for projects that meet one of the benchmarks note below (and certain other milestones) by June 1. Developers may petition to extend the grandfathering period to 25 years for individual projects. The grandfathering milestones, subject to the June 1 deadline, are:

  • Projects that have already been interconnected;
  • Projects for which a completed preliminary interconnection application has been submitted to a utility;
  • Projects for which completed applications have been submitted under competitive NY-SUN solicitations or the current small NY-SUN program;
  • Projects for which completed proposals have been submitted in response to New York City’s recent RFP for developments on the Freshkills landfill; and
  • Projects that a government entity has solicited through an RFP or RFI.

Projects that meet these benchmarks must be placed in service by the deadline in the respective PON or RFP, or by December 31, 2017, if no in-service deadline is specified in the solicitation.

The PSC will also initiate a new proceeding to address issues raised with existing utility remote net metering tariffs (specifically, provisions that restrict remote net metering to involving only a single generator at a host location).