NY: PSEG revises LIPA Utility 2.0 proposal; comments invited


PSEG has revised its initial LIPA Utility 2.0 proposal, which involves a series of utility investments related to energy efficiency and renewables, including customer-sited solar PV incentive programs. Under the revised proposal, PSEG has included a utility-owned solar procurement project anticipated to provide peak demand savings of 20 MW. It has also proposed a total investment of $15 million to support customer-sited resources, ranging in capacity from 200 kW to 2 MW, which are not eligible for existing incentives. The latter proposal represents a funding reduction of $30 million compared to the initial plan, which allocated $45 million for customer-sited PV, and reflects a redirection of expenditures towards the utility-owned portion of PV expansion.

The New York Public Service Commission has invited comments on the revised proposal (Case No. 14-01299). The deadline is October 17, 2014.