NY: Utilities file net metering reports; National Grid eclipses cap


New York’s investor-owned utilities have filed fresh quarterly reports detailing the status of the capacity filled thus far under their net metering programs. Through September 30, 2014, New York’s utilities reached the following net metering capacity levels, including proposed projects that have not been completed:

  • Central Hudson:  29.9 MW (83% of its 36-MW cap)
  • ConEd:  93 MW (28% of it 332-MW cap)
  • National Grid:  200 MW (102% of its 196-MW cap)
  • NYSEG:  45.3 MW (53% of its 85-MW cap)
  • Orange & Rockland:  19.9 MW (64% of its 31-MW cap)
  • RGE:  10.7 MW (22% of its 49-MW cap)

The New York Public Service Commission is currently considering the process for revisions to net metering program limits as utilities approach their respective capacity benchmarks.