NYSERDA launches Solar for All Program with release of RFP

On May 23, NYSERDA issued its anticipated RFP for Low-Income Community Solar Initiative, aka Solar for All, program. Some key details from the RFP include the following:
  • Pre-bid Webinar: June 12, 2018
  • Due date for Round 1: July 24, 2018.
  • Project Size Limitation: The portion of a CDG facility dedicated to this program is limited to 1 MW-DC.
  • Eligibility: Proposing CDG facilities must be in an advanced stage of development or be in commercial operation by June 26, 2018. If selected, CDG must enter into commercial operation within 6 months of contract execution with NYSERDA.
  • Subscribers: NYSERDA will be responsible for securing participating subscribers for the portion of the project contracted in the program.
  • Contract term with NYSERDA for participating CDG projects is 10 years.