OK: Regulators deny DG surcharges, move issue into rate case


Oklahoma regulators denied approval of OG&E’s proposed DG tariffs, instead deciding to examine OG&E’s proposed updated DG tariffs in its ongoing rate case. In its final order, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission:

  • Found that while OG&E’s existing tariffs “could” create the opportunity for cross-subsidies that benefit DG customers, but it was not persuaded that a subsidy had been demonstrated in this case.
  • Stated that it was not convinced that OG&E’s proposed DG tariffs charge DG customers “only the amount required to recover the full costs necessary” to serve them.
  • Found that it is appropriate to address DG issues in OG&E’s ongoing rate case, noting that review of the proposed DG tariffs in the rate case will allow the Commission to perform a thorough evaluation based on related information.
  • Found that there is no basis to deem OG&E’s application and proposed tariffs as constituting alleged inappropriate single-issue ratemaking.
  • Clarified that OG&E’s existing net metering tariff remains in effect until further order by the OCC.

OG&E filed its proposed DG tariffs in July 2015, pursuant to S.B. 1456 of 2014.