OR: Comments invited on energy-storage mandate


The Oregon Public Utilities Commission has issued — and invited comments on — several documents related to the state’s energy-storage mandate. They include:

  • Draft guidelines for utilities to use in considering and designing energy storage projects. (Comments due September 30.)
  • Draft proposal guidelines that include information that utilities must submit with their proposals. (Comments due September 30.)
  • Proposed storage potential evaluation requirements. (Comments due September 16.)
  • Proposed requirements for competitive bidding. (Comments due September 30.)

The full lists of draft guidelines, draft proposal requirements, proposed storage potential evaluation requirements, proposed requirements for competitive bidding are included in the PUC’s six-page order.

The PUC opened this proceeding in September 2015 for the purpose of implementing the requirements of H.B. 2193, which requires the Commission to develop energy-storage guidelines by January 1, 2017; to consider utility energy-storage project proposals submitted by January 1, 2018; and to implement a storage-procurement program by January 1, 2020.