PA: Resolution prompts study of wind energy’s impacts


The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has adopted a resolution (H.R. 925) directing the Joint State Government Commission to conduct a comprehensive study on the scale and impact of wind turbines, with a focus on wildlife impacts and subsidies, as compared to fossil fuels and nuclear energy. The resolution directs the Commission to review regulations, permit processes, setbacks, fees, and end-of-life-cycle disposal requirements related to wind energy, and to report on the progress of wind energy in relation to the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard. As part of its review, the Commission may study the impact of wind turbines on the electric grid.

Findings must be reported to the governor and the legislature on or before September 17, 2015. Notably, the original version of H.R. 925 did not include language requiring the comparison of subsidies for wind energy to subsidies for fossil fuels and nuclear energy.