PA: Lawmakers ponder limiting solar eligibility for RPS


Pennsylvania legislators are considering bills that would impact the solar carve-out under the state’s RPS. S.B. 1229 would require all solar PV systems registered under Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act, in order to comply with Section 4 of the Act, to directly deliver the electricity they generate to the distribution system operated by an EDC operating in Pennsylvania and currently obligated to meet the AEPS. Currently, RPS-eligible facilities (solar or other resources) must simply be located within the PJM region to qualify as eligible under the RPS.

Similarly, S.B. 1343 provides that in order to meet the requirements of Section 4 of Pennsylvania’s AEPS, each PV system in Pennsylvania “shall directly deliver the electricity it generates to the distribution system operated by an [EDC] operating within [Pennsylvania] and currently obligated to meet the compliance requirements” of the AEPS.

A memo issued by S.B. 1343’s sponsor states that this bill will essentially “close the borders” of Pennsylvania on SREC purchases, “similar to [in] many neighboring states.” EDCs would need to purchase credits from within the state, thereby limiting the available supply of these SRECs, according to the memo, which adds that the bill is intended to protect Pennsylvania-based solar.